Luis Nieva

Entrevista 2006

 Humantronic - Kiss Of The Flowerman [Neopren Germany]

 Benfay - Pink Silk Panties [Stattmusik]

 Samuel L Sessions - Sinister EP [Klap Klap]

 Motor - 1x1/King Of Usa (Remixes) [Mute]

 Robert Owens vs Rob Mello - The Energy (Goes Round & Round) [Disco 45]

 Shonky - Follow The Clones [Substatic]

 Gennaro Le Fosse - Off The Wagon [Abe Duke]

 Francois Dubois & Dave Tarrida - Where's The Acid [Lars]

 Kung Fu Pimp vs Devastatin Dave - Where's The Acid [white]

 D.O.P - Future Le Funk  - White


Formato: Artista - Titulo (Versión) [Sello]


VIDEO back to me

  1 LaTour - People Are Still Having Sex

  2 Book Of Love - Pretty Boys And Pretty Girls

  3 OFF - Electrica Salsa

  4 The Shamen - Progen

Luis Nieva

  5 DHS - House of God