Entrevista 2007

  1. Seph - Dead End [Igloo - unreleased]
  2. Dlo - Temporal [unreleased]
  3. Gurtz - Sum [Einmaleins]
  4. Shadi Megallaa - Hot Flash (Lee Curtiss's Menapause Mix) [Igloo]
  5.  Miskate - Afterblaster [unreleased]
  6. Tolga Fidan - Ilsa (Alex Smoke Remix) [Vakant]
  7. Uli Kunkel - Dead Horses [unreleased]
  8. Pinback - This Is A Pinback [Cutty Shark]

 Formato: Artista - Título (Versión) [Sello]

Upcoming releases:

 Dilo vs Gutz: V/A Conversation Loops vol.2 (Conversation) (12")
Dilo vs Gurtz: Tundra (Adjunct) (12") release date: 21st may
Dilo vs Gurtz: Tundra Remixes (Adjunct) (12") Franco Cinelli, From Karaoke To Stardom & Seuil
Dilo: Ave Fenix (Less iz More) (12") feat. remixes: (a)pendics.shuffle, Shadi Megallaa.
Dilo remix for Julie Amadeo (Snejl) (12")
Franco Cinelli & Dilo: Matamoscas (Esperanza/11am) (12")
Dilo Remix for Sutekh @ Various Artists "I left my heart in San Francisco part 1" (Adjunct) (12")
Dilo: Questions (w/ Shadi M. & Ekkohaus) (Einmaleins) (12")
Cesar Maravilla & Dilo @ V.A. Compilation 4 (Mean) (12")
Monotax (CD) (Igloo)
Elephant Pixel "Estellita" (CD & MP3 EP) (Igloo)

 Igloo news:

out now!!!

igloo-net017 Ekkohaus: Don't believe the hype (w/ Dilo remix)
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igloo-net018 Genoud: Möbius
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igloo-net019 Shadi Megallaa: Ho-Tep (w/ Lee Curtiss, Shaun Reeves, Danta, Kexie)
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igloo-net020 Ampec: Guayana Francesa
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Igloo Parties:

18.05 / Igloops / Defensa 683
Juan DB, Pablo Denegri, Dilo vs Gurtz


18.05 / Less is More presents Igloo / Noveau Casino, Paris
Seph, Seuil, Violett, Pierre