Franco Cinelli

Entrevista 2007

  - Mikael Stavöstrand feat. Big Bully - Please My Pain [Thema]
  - Carl Craig - Live Paris Ep [Planet E]
  - Social Being - Free your mind [Tuning Spork Extra]
  - Bulgur Brothers - Puffy Pop [x]
  - Nico Purman - Sunday 7 [Curle]
  - Lineas de Nazca - Pulsee Ep [Greener Argentina]
  - Kasper & Papol & Savoretti - Magic Key [Esperanza]
  - Jens Loden - MaxiMini [Sunset Diskos]
  - Andres Zacco (Jacek Sienkiewicz Remix) [Flumo]
  - Ra 1030 In (Fumiya Tanaka Remix) - Koss [Mule Electronic]

Formato: Artista - Título (Versión) [Sello]

Releases Out Now!
Franco Cinelli – The Ritual Of Bits [Hometown 004]

Mod.Coperate Five (After the Club track w/Bruno Pronsato) [Milnor Modern 013]

Franco Cinelli - Dimension 3 (w/ Bruno Pronsato Remix) [Adjunct 013]

Franco Cinelli - Antenna Ep (w/ Mikael Stavostrand and Big Bully Remix) [Esperanza 005]

Remixes Out Now!
MattStar – Remixes Ep (w/remixes by Dominik Eulberg, Franco Cinelli) [Wave Music]

Bulgur Borther – Smoothie Remixes (w/remix by Krikor, Metrika, Dapayk and Franco Cinelli) [Sunset discos 005]

Carola Pisaturo – Garbotalks! [Claque Musique 001] w/remixes by Jorge Savoretti, Franco Cinelli. Plus bonus net F.Cinelli Remix.

Dilo & Seph – Laberintos Ep (w/remix by Franco Cinelli) [Produkt 001]

Franco Cinelli

Dilo & Gurtz - Thundra (Remix EP) (w/remixes by Seuil, From Karaoke To Stardom, Franco Cinelli) [Adjunct]

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