Jay West

Entrevista 2008

  Christian Malloni – Keep It Hot EP [CANDY MUSIC]
  Groove Federation – Feelin The Funk [SHAK]
  Lamanex – Wasn't Us EP [FLAVOR]
  Koyla – Promise Land [BOMBAY]
  Colette – If (Inland Knights mix) [OM]
  Fabio Bacchini – Can't Get It [MUSICULTURE]
  Ross Couch – Rising Up (Christian Malloni mix) [ONE THIRTY]
  Danism – Mesmerize [MN2S]
  Vincent Kwok – Talk To Me [EIGHT-FIFTEEN]
  Franck Roger – Blind Way [REAL TONE]

Formato: Artista - Título (Versión) [SELLO]

Videito de miami 2007:

Out Now:
  Bang Bang - Prison Of Attraction (Jay West Club mix) [SHREWD MUSIC]
  Jay West - Everywhere We Dance EP [FLAVOR]
  The Candy Dealers - Ooh La La (Hipp-e mix)[AGAVE]
  Jay West - Music Can EP (Bon Johnson & Replika mixes) [HEADTUNES]
  Edmund - Alguien Para Recordar (The Candy Dealers mix) [CONNECTED]

Coming Very Soon:
  The Candy Dealers - Disco Treats EP [AGAVE]
  Jay West - We Funk EP [FUNKFIELD]
  The Candy Dealers - Life Is Sweet EP [ALPHABET]
  Flavoritism Vol 1 Mixed By Jay West [FLAVOR]
  Jay West - Into The Land Of Funk EP [DROP MUSIC UK]
  C-Soul - Oh No (Jay West mix) [ONE THIRTY]
  Jacob London - Feelin Kinda Willy (The Candy Dealers mix) [HOUSE OF KNOBS]
  The Candy Dealers - Cherry Groove [LINGO]
  Jay West - For A Change EP [SO SOUND]
  Joshua Heath - Two Lives (Jay West mix) [VOLUPTUOUS]
  Jay West - Bottom Line / Red Carpet [MOTION MUSIC]

Jay West
Jay West