Lisandro Chiavarino

Entrevista 2008

  Ray Paxon - Music Is My Shelter feat. Syb & Freda Goodlett (Main Mix)
  Antony Romero - My Home feat. Jaze Knight
  DJ Pippi, De Melero, Tuccillo - El Amor Es Mas feat. Conchita Pizarro (Jamie Lewis Space Invaders Remix)
  Jordan Fields - Can't Get Enuff (Disco House Version)
  Jester Of Jack - No Favours (Original Mix)
  Miguel Migs - Find What's Mine (Mig's Yoshi Moody Dub)
  Miguel Migs - Salted
  Tovar - Definition Off (Jay West Candy Mix)
  La Pena - Cheesecake (Original Mix)
  Mysterious People - Fly Away (Jason Jinx' Joystick Remix)
  Arco - Funk That (I Want More Funk Mix)

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Olddddd school baby!
  Deep - Deep-Ah-Dub - Ja'Nel
  808 The Bassqueen - Ricardo Villalobos

Lisandro Chiavarino
Lisandro Chiavarino

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Olddddd school baby!