Gustavo Lamas

Entrevista 2010

Favoritos Junio 2010

  Gepe - Audiovision [Quemasucabeza]
  Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti - Before Today [4AD]
  All Kinds Of People - I Love Burt Bacharach [Zoom]
  Sun Araw - On Patrol [Not Not Fun]
  Pan Sonic - Gravitoni [Blast First]
  Dolphins Into Future - The Music Of Belief [Release The Bats]
  Oneohtrix Point Never - Returnal [Editions Mego]
  Virgo - Virgo [Rush Hour]
  James Blake - CMYK [R & S]
  Ark - Arkapocalypse Now [Perlon]
  Ramadanman & Midland - Your Words Matter [Aus Music]
  Altered Natives - Tenement Yard Vol. 1 [Eye4eye]
  Dirty Culture - Contract [Affin]
  Kyle Hall - Must See [Third Ear]
  Dj Koze - Rue Burnout [Pampa]
  Tim Hecker - Apondalifa [Room 40]
  Guillaume And The Cotu Dumonts - Breaking The Fourth Wall [Circus Company]
  Take - Only Mountain [Alpha Pub Records]
  I Cube - Merovingienne [Versatile]
  Onra - Long distance [All City]
  Pursuit Grooves - Fox Trot Mannerisms [Tectonic]
  The Mole - Dreamer Keep On Dreaming [Risqueé]

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Gustavo Lamas
Gustavo Lamas

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