Sergio Athos

Entrevista 2004

Athos Reloaded Formato: Artista - Título (Versión) [Sello] The Phantom car - Drive (Remix) [Factorcity] Kraftwerk - Aerodynamik (Alex Gopher & Ethiene de Grecy) [Astralwerks] Greg Churchil - Wrong Sound [Underwater] Julien Delfaud, Alex Gopher & Ethiene de Grecy [Fast Track] Copamove - The New Soul [Superfly] Bellone - Labyrinth [Vibes] Speicher 18 - Reinhard Voigh - Spice Heib - Diana Dies Tonight [Kompakt] Drax & Gooding - Harder [Plastic Fantastic] Red Carpet - Alright [Tinted] W.O.P - Universal 1976 [Absolutely] Acidic Mass - Afrocadence [Autowhite 7] Apoll - Monoplay (A1) "Quadrophobia" [Punkt] Abe Duque - B1 "What Happened?" [Abe Duque Records] Blake - Rock Over You [Ocean Dark] Magik Johnson - A "Tokyo Track" [End recordigs] Sasha Carassi - Freak Things (Fashion) [Kollafreak] Freestylers - Push Up (Plump Dj's Remix) [Against The Grain]

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