Entrevista 2005

Formato: Artista - Título (Versión) [Sello]


01. Plastique Vision - Abstract Habbits (G.Pal's Bad Habbit Remix) [Pissed Off Recordings]

02. Petersky - Fuck Them All (Oliverio & Mos Remix) [Off Side Recordings]

03. Der Schieber - Mix Funkin For Hope In New York (Tomi Maas) [Hope Recordings]

04. Silicone Soul - Under A Werewolf Moon (Martinez Full-Moon Madness Mix) [Soma]

05. Oliver Hacke - Subject Carrier (John Tejada Remix)

06. Richard F, Ralphie Romance - Say What! (R 'N R 'S Filthy Preacher Mix) [Spread Muzik]

07. Acquaviva & Luetzenkirchen - Zombie (Aquachop Dub) [Blufin]

08. Habersham and Numinous - Rhetorical Question (Original Mix) [Blueprint]

09. Coburn pres. Dumb Blonde - We Have The Technology (Original Mix) [Great Stuff]

10. Lega feat. Julie Amadeo - Farewell (Original & Oliverio Remix) [Off Side Recordings]

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