Carlos Alfonsín

Entrevista 2005

Formato: Artista - Título [Sello]

Krak Street Boyz - Family Affair4 [Tuning Spork]

Varios Artistas - Mod. Cooperate Three [MMR005]

Markus Muller - Chives [Traum]

Ada+Metope - Colony [Onitor]

Mikael Weill - Debut EP [Karat]

Pan Pot - Obscenity EP [Mobilee]

Butane And Friends - This Is 01 [Alphahouse]

Varios Artistas - Tribute To John Surman [Marketing]

Sweet And Candy - Dead Between The Ears [Dumb Unit]

Carlos Alfonsín

Someone Else - Fresh Air [Nummer]

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