Andrés Oddone

Entrevista 2008

Simples del Mes:
  01 Boy 8-Bit - Fogbank (Jack Beats Remix) [Trouble & Bass]
  02 Various Artists - Playing Around [Made to Play]
  03 The Bulgarian - Lovely Bounce EP [Jack Union]
  04 The Streets - Has It Come To This (2 Bit Thugs ReRub)
  05 Jesus Jackson - Damn (Jacob London Mix) [Physical Graffiti]
  06 Si Begg - Non stop cut paste (Pirate Soundsystem Remix) [Noodles Recordings]
  07 Ark and Mossa - Homme Sweat Homme [Complot]
  08 When Saints Go Machine - You Should Be Someone Else (Nic Sarno Remix) [Jack Unions]
  09 Damaged Goods - Yo Righteous (A1 Bassline Remix) [Big Dada]
  10 Tony Allen - Kilode (Carl Craig Remix) [Honest Jon's]

Andrés Oddone

Formato: Artista - Título (Versión) [Sello]

Álbums del mes:
  Four Tet - Ringer [Domino]
  Pinch - Underwater dancehall [Tectonic]
  Vorpal - An Incomplete Guide To Vorpal Music [Cock Rock Disco]

Álbums clasicos del mes:
  Mad Professor - Dub Me Crazy Pt. 11: Hijacked to Jamaica
  Cocteau Twins and Harold Budd - The moon and the melodies
  Ultramarine - United Kingdoms

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