Entrevista 2009

  01. From Karaoke to stardom - vacuum child [igloo]
  02. Dilo - post vendaval [airdrop]
  03. Elephant Pixel - The pink river (Bruno Pronsato's your eyes taste like mine Remix) [lo mid high unlmtd]
  04. Dave Aju - Crazy Place (Luciano Remix) [circus]
  05. Philip Bader & Sasha Braemer - Mamba Drums [kindish]
  06. Brad Laner - From inside ([a]pendics.shuffle remix) [adjunct]
  07. Shadi Megallaa - Fear Not the mic (feat. Michal Ho) [igloo pop]
  08. Luca Bacchetti - El matador (dub mix) [ovum]
  09. Ricardo Villalobos & Jay Haze - Sunday prayer [contexterrior]
  10. The Black Dog - Train by the autobahn (Robert Hood's 8 mile remix) [soma]
  11. Camea - Computer Says Love - Alexi Delano digital only remix [clink]
  12. The Chap - Mega Breakfast [ghostly]

Formato: Artista - Título (Versión) [Sello]

Dilo New & Recent Releases:
 [airdrop] Dilo - Post Vendaval (12")
 [soma] Mark Henning - I lost my brain at Wrinchout (w/ Dilo & Barem Remixes) (digital)
 [airdrop] Fase Miusic Sender - I swim slow (Dilo "instant karma" Remix) (12")

- Igloo

Exclusive at Beatport:
  [igloo pop 02] Shadi Megallaa - Lost & Unfound (Album) (w/ collaborations: Michal Ho, Seph, Elephant Pixel & more)
  [igloo-digi011] From Karaoke To Stardom - Sunday Velvet EP

Download FREE:
  [igloo-net025] Trinity - Reflections of Light (w/ Elephant Pixel Remix)

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