Diego Perrison

Entrevista 2010

  Audio Werner - While [Hartchef Discos]
  Big Zis - Sure Rage (Agnes Remix) [Nation Musik]
  Kerry Chandler - The Thing For The Linda Ep [Downtonw]
  Claro Intelecto - New Life [Modern Love]
  Andrade - Face De Bouc (Djulz Remix)
  Cobblestone Jazz - The Modern Deep Quartet (LP) [Wagon Repair]
  Isolee/Efdemin/Lawrence - V/A Dial [Dial Germani]
  Marquese - Blue Velvet (Moritz Piske Remix) [Niveous Germany]
  Jakob Corn - Supakrank [Dolly Holland]
  Nebraska – Weekend Of My Own Ep [Rush Hour Hollad]

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Diego Perrison

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