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Magda, Marc Houle and Troy Pierce dejan Minus

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mié 03-ago-2011 10:19

Lo hacen para enfocarse en su label: Items & Things.

All three artists have been central to Richie Hawtin's iconic imprint since its early days. Growing up in Detroit and nearby Windsor, Canada, Magda, Houle and Hawtin were friends long before the label materialized, and teamed up with Pierce not long after it launched. Over the next decade, Minus played a big role in defining the sound of minimal techno, eventually growing from an underground label into a global brand. In some respects the core artists acted like a band, frequently appearing together at Minus parties around the world, which ranged from club showcases to enormous audio-visual events.

"While we're sad to be leaving behind a big part of our history, we feel that we have reached a point in our careers where it's time to creatively spread our wings and focus our energy and enthusiasm on our own label, Items & Things," reads a written statement prepared by the artists. Reached by phone on Monday, Magda and Houle gave us the rest of the story:



#2 (respuesta al #1)
mié 03-ago-2011 10:44

Bien por ellos, era hora que se despeguen de M_nus.


mié 03-ago-2011 11:02

Sí, como que yo sentía que estaban estancados. El disco de Magda no fue nada del otro mundo, esperaba mucho más. Houle producía cosas muy naif y Troy era el único que se destacaba un poco más y me parece que la culpa era del sello y la idea general que RH tiene del mercado. Ojalá con esto mejore todo para estos 3 artistas que son MUY grosos.


mié 03-ago-2011 11:05

La clave: Tell me about Down & Out, the events arm of the label. How would you describe the spirit of the event?

Marc Houle: That's what the name means: down in the underground and out of the mainstream. [laughs]


mié 03-ago-2011 11:20

Si nos ponemos drámaticos podríamos decir que se hartaron de la forma controladora de Richie en cuando a la edición o no edición de los discos:

Marc Houle: Now for me, when I'm releasing records, I have 100 percent creative freedom to release whatever I want. If I do something weird or different, I don't have anyone to answer to, I can just release it.

So at Minus it felt like you had someone to answer to?

Marc Houle: Minus had a very distinct artistic direction, they still do. Rich always has these ideas for the future, and he gears the label toward that vision. Not having to worry about that stuff in the past was great. But there comes a point where you do want to worry about that stuff. And the new label gives us a chance to do that.

Magda: We want the label to be as uncomplicated as possible, and really serve as a platform to promote new artists. That means no exclusivity agreements—we don't really care if the artists release other places, because all we want to do is help them establish themselves, and get some good music out there.


#6 (respuesta al #1)
jue 15-nov-2012 20:28

Micros a Mardel para la fecha de Magda, Troy y Marc Houle para mas info completar el formulario dlhqYkFmcEt3blE6MQ#gid=0

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