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Steve Lawler encontra Ibiza DJ awards categories

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lun 27-ago-2012 1:22

It has to be said by someone.. have you seen the Ibiza DJ Awards categories? Matthias Tanzman in Deep House? Seth Troxler in Tech House? Dubfire in Tech house? ... I just wonder who puts these together? do they even know what people are playing? they sound like the Beatport genres! lol
and before anyone says it, its not because im not nominated this year.. that is not a problem for me honestly, been in it every year since dot, and none of the other clubs will suport sankeys.. but seriously at least if your going to have "genres" please someone get them right.. otherwise have 2 genres.. commercial and non commercial.. period.. thats my rant.. debate begin :)

Esto postio en su facebook, armo un debate y le contesto el mismo equipo los premios acá la conversación.

DJ Steve Lawler: Christian i do care about the industry i work in, and i care hugely about music and how our legacy will be represented.. i care about quality in my surroundings as i do in my life.. I care that this business should be about 'truth' and i care about things not just being done for money or for the glory or the glam.. I DO CARE.. sorry thats just me. x

DJ Steve Lawler I think awards are a good positive thing, a place for celebration, a place where all can get together and be recognised for your hard work.. i have nothing against awards!.. my point is.. just please represent what we do properly and if there going to have "sub genre's" which i understand they need them.. just GET IT RIGHT.. a lot of what they call deep house.. is NOT deep house.. there is nothing DEEP about it! lol there are some incredible Deep house producers out there RIPPERTON for example.. but what do they class him as now? ambient! lol ... you see my point.. its the same with beatport.. come on.. how can they have something on toolroom in the same genre as real tone? 2 complete different labels.. both great labels and have done great things.. the idea of real genres has been bent and twisted to the point there not even accurate anymore.. thats my point about this and only that.. because if were going to do award ceremonies. then we should do it with pride and quality. not paris hilton giving tiesto an award for electro house, when he has always been a trance dj. AND. all dj's in this particular awards is only for DJ's played at Pacha.. please note.


#2 (respuesta al #1)
lun 27-ago-2012 1:25

DJAwards - Electronic Music Awards - Ibiza Its nice to know you care,´d be surprised to hear that we do not form the nominees or the categories alone, but with the help of a panel of musos from the industry; dj´s, managers, agents, venue owners, promoters, media and dj equipment suppliers, its a daunting task trying to place nearly 80 djs so we ensure that all managers are notified of their nomination. Seth Troxler asked to be put into the Tech House category, so there you have it…its subjectivity at its best! You would also be surprised that DJ Awards is a non profit organisation, we give the invitations away (free). Steve can we invite you to be part of this panel for 2013?

DJ Steve Lawler To DJ Awards. Please note im not suggesting YOU do this for money, I am merely pointing out that the music industry as a whole is becoming more and more money driven. I do support DJ awards I have 7 myself from the last years and like i said i think awards are a positive thing. My point is soley about genres becoming more and more in accurate as to what people are actually playing and more about how people want to be perceived. I am surprised about seth but then again thats the beauty of Seth Troxler, always doing something that surprises and not what people expect, bug props to him for his general attitude. (I will ask seth though) ;) as i have been nominated many times before i also understand that there are several people involved in the selection but more of a select few. sorry if this feels personal it certainly isnt, i just felt i would like to say what many people are thinking and thats the dilution of genres and the blatant inaccuracy of them. respect to you for replying. x


#3 (respuesta al #2)
lun 27-ago-2012 1:25

DJAwards - Electronic Music Awards - Ibiza Hi Steve,
the fact that you have taken the time to point out some very perceptive points means a lot to us.
Everything you say about the problem of genres this days we agree with, to classify DJs is not an easy thing anymore, a very different situation from back in the days.
Music is art in movement and there is a mutation in genres. What people call Deep House today has nothing to do with what Deep House was in the past, if you only knew the debates we have had on this would make you smile!
But its the DJ's managers who ask us to add the artists they represent into the right category he represents. So we got Eddie Halliwell , Sander Van Doorn or even Tiesto asking to be moved from Trance to Electro House, well the world is changing. We spoke with Ed, Seth's manager and we have to respect where he wants to place Seth, we can't tell the managers they are wrong as they are speaking for the artist we believe that is correct and we have to respect that, to say a lot of eyebrow raising goes on in our office is an understatement
Many a debate has been had regarding underground in our office, but how to define who fits in this category and who doesn't – i think we would have a stampede from all the Djs wanting to be in here.
Our invitation to you to be part of the DJ Awards panel for 2013 is very honest. We work very closely with the industry to help us form the categories & nominees, so please think about this with love. Warm regards. The DJ Awards Team.

DJ Steve Lawler and like wise.. it means a lot that you guys are taking the time to reply and explain to not only me but also others who will see this post.. big respect indeed.. of course i would be delighted to help out in anyway, as i am a supporter of awards like i said, but not sure i could put my hands to something like genre selection if what it actual is like we knew is more of a marketing placement tool for business, i dont think i could be involved in that as i am just not good with things that dont feel true or real, I would feel like i was cheating myself let alone anyone else.. some good points have been raised about genre's in this post, which im happy to see.. I have never been a fan of genre's but they have to exist in an industry that is as big as ours now. and your point about how different or shall we say how genre's have shifted over time is a very good point. let the good times roll ;)

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